Jet Age
E uropeans where first in 1949, when the De Havilland unveiled the world's first
commercial jetliner, the 36-passenger Comet developed by partner Airbus and
British Aerospace.Pan Am became interested when de Havilland announced plans
for a new jet capable of carrying nearly twice as many passengers.
At that time, Sud Aviation,predecessor of Airbus partner Aerospatiale,
was designing the Caravellejetliner.
I n early 1952, Boeing developed the Dash 80 a prototype of the 707jetliner
with its debute in 1954.
A irlines were interested in the Boeing jet. Douglas introduced the DC-8 one year
later than the 707 but was bigger and able to fly across the Atlantic nonstop.
P an Am ordered 20 Boeing 707s and 25 DC-8s becoming the first US airline to
fly jets, followed by United Airlines with an order of 30 DC-8S.
O n october 26 1958 Pan Am boeing 707 left Idlewild (now JFK)
on the first scheduled transatlantic jet passenger to Paris.
I n 1960 Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas and began developing jumbo jet.
The Boeing 747and the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 with service in early 1970s.
Today the new version the747-400 and the MD-11 jumbos are still in service.
In 1964 Boeing offered a three engine 727 jet for medium range flights.
Douglas offered the DC-9 twinjet in 1965.
In 1967 the best-selling jetliner in history the Boeing 737 was developed.
More than 2,800 delivered.
N ovember 1962: Franco-British agreement on the construction of a supersonic aircraft.
March 1969 first flight of the Concorde January 1976 first commercial flight on the Paris
Dakar - Rio route. November 1977 Daily service between Paris and New York inaugurated.
T he first boeing 757 rolled out of the factory in 1982.
S eptember 26, 1981 first flight of the 767.
Followed by the Boeing 777
Propeller Age
C ommercial aviation was born in 1927 after Congress forced the
Post Office to fly mail to distant cities.
I n 1928 Boeing introduced the Model 80
a passenger plane (23 hours flight from San Francisco to Chicago).
T he De Havilland in 1932 had a cruising speed of 100 mph
with a range of 714.00 miles.
M ost popular airplane, the immortal DC-3 first flight Dec.17,1935
21 passengers - 195 mph -range 1,480 miles,more than 10,300 were produced.
O ctober 23,1936 Pan Am's Martin (Philippine Clipper) arrive in Hong Kong
to establish the first commercial air service between North America and Asia.
M ay 1953 the DC-7 was introduced, it was the first commercial transport
able to fly non stop cost to cost the USA.